A presentation of hand-finished wooden furniture created by Rupert del Monte Azul

Blue and red fish swimming. Hand-drawn with ink on copper plate by Fred Marie Dupre at http://sites.google.com/site/mariefred
“Tall Silver Fish" Woodwork Atelier
Rupert del Monte Azul
This page describes woodwork by "Rupert Del Monte Azul"
Fred-Marie Dupre is the featured illustrator Up, Bustle and Out. Artistic creations in ink on copper plate  at http://sites.google.com/site/mariefred
Satis Meydani Sk. No. 23 B / Arnavutkoy / Istanbul / Turkey / Kilisenin Karsisi TEL: 0090 (0) 539 39 13 010 email
Slideshow of completed work
You may Download these photos, but please credit to Rupert del Monte Azul and link to this page
I learnt woodwork skills from my Grandfather: a mixture of invention and machinery. As a boy, the hours seemed long. Over many years I progressed from an apprentice to actually offering designs. Some mechanised tools crept into our traditional collection. The artistic influences most apparent are Islamic and Spain’s Moorish 'Artemudejar'. To a lesser extent, 'Romanesque' art appears, as does Glasgow’s 'Charles Rennie Mackintosh'. In 2003, I came across a book on 'New Mexican Furniture'. This was to become pivotal in my artistc development and the route to a more complex series of works, involving carved designs and painting. To define my style simply: Artemudejar, hardwoods with a thought for light and colour, incorporating coloured glass, lattice work and inlays of marquetry. Also collector’s stamps and mother of pearl; always with originality and something of the mysteriousness inherent in creation and in working with wood.
WOOD: Oak, ash, pear, cherry, walnut, olive tree, elm, beech, maple, teak
FINISH: ALL furniture polished with a furniture scraper by hand / aceite de linaza, teak oil, linseed oil
GLUE: Top quality expanding polyurethane
DECORATION: Marquetry, handmade Mexican & Iznik tiles, silver, acrylic paints by Sevval Sam
Being Creative with Super 8 Film
You may Download these photos, but please credit to Rupert del Monte Azul and link to this page
MUSIC featuring 'Sevval Sam' made at 'Tall Silver Fish Atelier'
From the album "Istanbul's Secrets", Kalan Muzik
All these items described below feature in the slideshow of completed work, above
Family Table - "La Mesa" Size 81 * 195 * 76cms high, Sits 8 people
Wood: Oak, Olive tree & Sported Beech
In place of legs, a solid block design is offered, showing mythology and an attractive colour scheme.
Table ends are stopped with elm, changing the grain pattern for effect. Dry-jointed so table can be packed up.
Romanesque Internal Window Oak with teak, inlaid with mother of pearl and marquetry.
Double opening doors with antique ceramic knobs, brass hinges and intricate blue and cream marquetry.
The painted design is a replication of a marble wall motif in the Basilican tradition: 'San Miniato al Monte', Florence, completed circa 1150.
Main feature: two typical main arches of the Romanesque tradition topped by a greater number of smaller arches.
Burred Oak and Elm Mirrors Burred Oak and Elm Mirrors
Corner Cabinet Teak with small amount of oak for decorative purposes – I like the effect that mixing woods gives. Dark and mysterious, this cabinet is inlaid with collector’s stamps of the Royal Mail’s ‘King Arthur’ series, showing 'Merlin the Wizard', 'The Lady of the Lake', 'Lancelot' and 'Guinevere'.
There is a substantial amount of mother-of-pearl pieces, hand-cut and noble in arrangement, almost illustrative whispers of the dead knights themselves. The leaded glass was found and incorporated into the design for its religious connotations of knights, faith and chivalry. The lattice work in the door and two side panels is both complex and time consuming, following the design of the ‘Desk Chair’ for ‘The Willow Tea Rooms’, Glasgow, by 'Charles Rennie Mackintosh'.
The patterning is representative of a tree theme, evoking Romantic Britain when it was a dense tree-covered island – of which the English oak is most symbolic. The top layer of mother-of-pearl shows a central distant point where a sun may rise, where a revelation may emerge…always in symmetry for an absolute balance.

The teak panels were recycled from an old boat being broken-up in Bristol harbour. Hinges are brass / Door knobs are antique ceramic with floral motif.
A 'New Mexico' Kitchen Cabinet A 3-part series comprising cabinet, table to seat 8-10 people and a large storage chest. All hand-painted with acrylic paints, hand carved in 3 separate layers to give visual dimension. Mother-of-pearl pieces are inset as part of the artist's Arabic-Mudejar influences.
Cabinet has 2 internal drawers, 3 deep shelves, antique knobs and is built up from mixed woods: oak, ash, douglas fir, beech and olive. The olive is an unusual wood to procure and adds tremendous figuring and aesthetic appeal. This series is developed from the furniture makers of 'New Mexico', USA who were Mexican Indians. From the 16th Century onwards they acquired European joinery skills and tool handling. Hence, a wonderful fusion of European tradition was combined with Mexican mythology and patterning.
Such furniture still provides comfort for the emerging needs of the Old and New World cultures. The above cabinet clearly shows Aztecan & Mayan pyramidal design and colouring. The painted head-board reflects the rising & setting sun over a sea and mountainous landscape. The overall impression is one of functionality and harmony.
Written by Rupert del Monte Azul, writer, arranger, producer, musician from Up, Bustle and Out
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Dining Table for 6 people
Dush, Bristol, England