The Pre-Ninja Series

  1. Apple Strudle
  2. Aviour Le Coup
  3. Bolivian Bristol Bustle
  4. Chevrolet Verde Y Blanco
  5. Dance Of Caravan Summer - Hip Hop Interpretation
  6. Decisive Moment
  7. Diggin' At The Dig In - Breaks Mix
  8. Diggin' At The Dig In - Funky Hammond Mix
  9. Hip Hop Barrio - Smith And Mighty Be For Real Remix
  10. Kickin' More Ass - Up Bustle And Out Live Jam
  1. La Morena En El Viento Andaluz
  2. Los Locos Cubanos
  3. Made In Cuba - part 3
  4. Mariel Port - Type remix
  5. Out Of Control
  6. Precious Little Going On
  7. Revolutionary Woman - Low Profile mix
  8. Revolutionary Woman - Oestrogwen remix
  9. Revolutionary Woman - Subterfuge mix
  10. Revolutionary Woman - Yam Yam remix
  11. Runaway Hague Air Mix
  12. The Educators - Phd-in-Crime remix
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Pre-Ninja Series album front cover by Up, Bustle and Out The Pre-Ninja Series. For the first time ever, we are compiling our earliest vinyl recordings and it's time to offer them to a digital audience. Some of Up, Bustle and Out were just 18 years old at the time of recording and many of the Sessions found here are rare and were never released on albums, or CDs.

They were mostly 12 inch singles recorded at a time when UB&O were playing them on Pirate Radio Stations and it is evident that an ear for writing and producing quality music was the first foundation stone laid. Always sharing a global vision, UB&O's first recording was in French with flutes, sax, keyboards, tons of experimental percussion, Spanish guitars & vocals - ALL flavour this portrait of the Pre-Ninja Tune days...

Up, Bustle and Out's Ruperto del Monte Azul and film crew relaxing outside Cuba's Estudio Sonocaribe after an all-night recording session with Orquesta Richard Egües - President Fidel Castro was rumoured to have been impressed by the results. Señor Roody of Up, Bustle and Out in Pre-Ninja tune days. Just back from a gruelling tour of Peru he is seen sporting a genuine Spanish Sombrero and a colourful waistcoat of pure Alpaca wool hand-made by natives living on the shores of Lake Titicaca in the Peruvain Altiplano. The Pre-Ninja Series features persuasive percussion from Señora Eugenia and dub production from 'Clandestine' Ein of Up, Bustle and Out.
Some of the musicians involved in recording songs on the Pre-Ninja Series.