DJ Rudy from Up, Bustle and Out plays Funk, Jazz, Fusion, Party Tunes, Latin and Ninja Tune vinyl

Booking an Up, Bustle & Out DJ is easy, 1-2 emails is enough to agree all- low fees and fun with a professional attitude. Close to an international airport, not demanding luxury hotels and providing sounds, decorations and film projections. For enquiries contact by us by email.

Biography of an Up, Bustle & Out DJ

When the world focused on Bristol, names like Massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky, Soul II Soul and Up, Bustle & Out exploded in to existence. Up, Bustle & Out didn't run to the major record labels, but chose a humbler route - the independent. Up, Bustle & Out signed with the UK's most famous label NINJA TUNE, and their sound pioneered the London Label and carried their reputation internationally.
No other Ninja artist released the volume of work that Up, Bustle & Out did with 5 albums and 13 EP singles.
DJ Rudy, the creator, writer and producer is an unusual character seeing music as a story, a journey and a road to new experiences. DJ Rudy always experiments with sounds, as a student inherited his uncle's 1970's vinyl funk record collection, spent most of his time, in between studying, DJ'ing on the cool Bristol Scene, hosting a 2-hour weekly Pirate Radio Show and hanging out in record shops between London and Bristol. At 18 years old he produced the first 12" EP cut for Up, Bustle & Out - An African Friendship - an instant success and was the golden key to labels, remixes, promotion, international DJ'ing, press and a long and accomplished writing and production career.
DJ Dave has been involved with Up Bustle & Out for over 10 years performing memorable Live sets and DJ sets all over the world including Russia, Europe and Japan. His sets are eclectic blending UB&O beats with Reggae, Funk and global breaks and beats. Listen to his exclusive DJ mixdown on the DJ Dave page.
As a DJ, Rudy is not looking for attitude, just cool, happy party vibes - mixing up Beats, Hip Hop, World Grooves, Jazz, Reggae, D&B, and FUNKY sounds from vinyl, all with originality, a confident flare and with an edge of mystery as found in Up, Bustle & Out recordings and releases. He also brings street-artist stage banners, colourful and contemporary, original Super 8 and 16mm film-footage for projections, adding to a unique and memorable evening.
Venues could be: Smokey clubs, Student Unions, Festivals, Bars, Weddings and Private Parties.
Up, Bustle & Out have performed internationally from Japan to Mexico. Some famous clubs and festivals are: Glastonbury Festival, Dub Club - Vienna, Chill-out Festival - Istanbul, Couleur Festival - Belgium, Kiss FM - London, Shibuya FM - Tokyo, Radio 3 - Madrid, Salamanca Festival - Spain, Jazz Cafe - London, Radio Nova - Paris, Charlie Gillett, BBC - London - too many to list...
Compilation album tracks written and produced by DJ Rudy for 2007 are:
  • The Rough Guide To Latin Funk, Rough Guide Series
  • Chillout in Istanbul, Best of Lounge FM Radio CD, with Sevval Sam
  • Romanowski's Party in My Pants, CD DJ Album
  • Metissages Vol. 2, Best of Radio Europeenne' CD compilation, Couleur 3
  • Indian Electronica Vol.1, Compilation CD, feat. Nitin Sawhney
  • BiggaBush Sound Sensation, CD + vinyl, Stereo Deluxe Records
  • Indiarama, NINJA TUNE CD compilation, Wagram, France
Remixes written and produced by DJ Rudy are:
  • Thievery Corporation
  • Dragon Ash
  • Coldcut
  • Bigga Bush
  • Portishead
Cuban revolution icon Red Star - the logo of DJ Rudy from Up, Bustle and Out - playing at festivals, clubs, parties and weddings Revolution of Cuba image Red Start pattern - shown by DJ Rudy from Up, Bustle and Out - playing classic vinyl party tunes DJ Rudy from Up, Bustle and Out uses the Cuban revolutionary start icon on stage. Spinning Jazz, World, Funk, Reggae and funky fun party tunes
Now Up, Bustle & Out bring the world their 10th album, ISTANBUL'S SECRETS, after their recent 9th album, The Mexican Sessions that received glowing reviews world-wide and reached pole position, No.1 in the World Music Charts, and USA Radio Stations like DMX, KCRW etc... ISTANBUL'S SECRETS is a gem, nominated at POPCOM in Berlin for a world music award, featuring the vocals of Turkey's great singer-actress Sevval Sam who features in Fatih Akin's Cannes Award winning film, "Edge of Heaven". Sevval Sam accompanies DJ Rudy as a DJ Vocalist (if required) singing a blend of Oriental melodies, Spanish Raggas, and abstract Street vocals in English.
Alternatively, an Up, Bustle and Out Soundsystem show includes Flamenco Guitar, Latin Percussion, Vocalists, DJ and Flute.
DJ Rudy-ready to rock your party: Weddings ♦ Festivals ♦ Clubs ♦ Bars ♦ Film Festivals ♦ World Music ♦ Funk ♦ Jazz ♦ Hip Hop ♦ Asian ♦ Fusions ♦ Party ♦ Pachanga ♦ Fiesta ♦ Latin ♦ Ninja Tune DJ ♦ BBC World Service
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Major influence on all musical tastes
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matt cordwell
This one for Rupert, Iv`e known you all my life and appreciate the influence on music and general thought you have provided. peace.