1. Dig It, Don't Mess With It
  2. Little Soldier Boy
  3. Wild Majesty
  4. Trago Bula
  5. Runaway Hague
  6. Guitar Soldiering
  1. Hooded Hordes - Vocal
  2. Hooded Hordes - Extended Dub
  3. Urban Evacuation
  4. Rudeboy, I Dont' Wanna Be
  5. Tabla Talkin' Dub
  6. Outro, Hasta Luego Amigos
bonus tracks for download version
  1. Everyday Original Studio Session
  2. Guitar Soldiering - Spaghetti Western guitar version
  3. Jamaican DJ Mexican Anti-War Studio Session
  1. Old Man Smokes Mountain Weed
  2. Stepping Stone, Rebel Hop
  3. Urban Evacuation Guitar Jam Session

Urban Evacuation album front cover by Up, Bustle and Out This album focuses on the movement from dub producers like King Tubbys to modern, cool UK urban grooves. It is not afraid to express the rage of our times voiced by Jamaican DJ ĎMexicaní. Dub poet, Ras Jabulani, recites a spiritual voice of courage. The message is positive, spoken by a man who is master of his mind and rhyme:

“ To wake up on a glorious morning / Stretch and see the sun /

Put water to I lips / Breath air to I mindÖ The simple soul that I am ”

The albumís summation is in the title track. The vocalists zoom in on isolated troubles before panning out on a global picture. The Arabic musical key, weird key change & snake charmer unsettle the composition & evoke biblical scenes where Man is shooting & looting from within the crumbling city walls. Itís chaos; the moral fabric so base, the inability to live side by side still such a modern reality that Dub Poet Ras Jabulani advises us:

“Leave the city, head to where itís clean / Head for a hilltop, itís too hot ”

Sessions involved Latin percussionists, Double Bass by Jim Barr (Portishead), Jamaican DJ Youth, Jazz Blowers like Andy Sheppard & Andy Hague, Portuguese & Angolan Soul Singers, Dubby Indian beats by Nitin Sawhney, Dub Poets...And like the Maestros before them, much production was done on home-made valve, tapes, graphic and FX units.

“Don't believe what you read.” Words from the mouth of Jamaican DJ ĎMexicaní - “Dig it. Donít mess with it.”

Ruperto del Monte Azul with Ras Jabulani of Bristol`s Black Roots and DJ Mexican from Jamaica have all performed on Urban Evacuation by Up, Bustle and Out. Cuffy `El Guapo` poses with his Spanish Flamenco guitar in front of a stage banner showing the Revolutionary Woman of the Windmill. Up, Bustle and Out`s Clandestine Ein in the studio with 32-channel mixing desk and valve powered effects units for the Urban Evacuation album.
Some of the musicians involved in recording Urban Evacuation.