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Volveras film poster starring Elizabeth Cervantes with sounds performed by Up, Bustle and Out.


Image from the movie Raising Victor Vargas with songs by Up, Bustle and Out
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Recent placements:

Films, with music from Up, Bustle and Out:

  • Dosage V Extreme Rock Climbing DVD + soundtrack - Big Up Productions - Dir. Josh Lowell, USA
  • Numb3rs major USA TV production
  • Paraiso Travel with Aldemar Correa - Dir. Simon Brand
  • King Lines presented by Chris Sharma - Dir. Josh Lowell - Placed by
  • Raising Victor Vargas Dir. Peter Sollett, Canal+
  • Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj Dir. Mort Nathan, MGM
  • Volveras with Elizabeth Cervantes - Dir.Antonio Chavarrías, Altavista Films
  • Franzosisch fur Anfanger Dir. Christian Ditter, NEOS Film Produktion GMBH & Co KG
  • Tangerine Dream Dir. Teton Gravity Research, Extreme Ski Imax Film
  • Hustle - the Con is On BBC Drama Series
  • Sugar Rush Channel 4 production

Compilation CDs 2012, with music from Up, Bustle and Out:

  • NEW I Love Lounge Wagram - Song: The Hand Of Contraband

Compilation CDs 2010:

  • Beginner's Guide To Cumbia Nascente - Song: Mundo Insolito

Compilation CDs 2009:

  • Otro Mundo, Sounds of the World 09 Warner Music UK LTD - Song: Yol Turkusu
  • Flamenco Chillin' Vol. 1 Poets Club Records, Germany - Song: Guitar Ahoy
  • Flamenco Chillin' Vol. 2 Poets Club Records, Germany - Songs: Ben Seni Sevdugmi & Anda Luz
  • Paraiso Travel Film Soundtrack, Codigo Entertainment, LLC, Miami, USA - Song: Tinto Tintero
  • Exotic Lounge Session Sony BMG, Germany - Song: Corazon De Leon & Chicharras Night
  • Babylon Recommends Doublemoon Records, Istanbul, Turkey - Song: Cumbion Mountain
  • Massage, Japan - Song: Dance of Caravan Summer
  • Indian Fever Wagram - Song: Emerald Alley
  • Southport Weekender 8 UK - Song: Dance Your Troubles Away
  • Bigga Bush Remixes UK - Song: Song: Guitar Soldiering

Compilation CDs 2008:

  • Bar Mexico Nascente Records, Demon Music, London - Song: Mundo Insolito
  • Latino Del Futuro NAIVE Records, France
  • Latin Flavors Replay Productions Records
  • Arriba La Cumbia Crammed Disks, Belgium - Song: Cumbion Mountain
  • Paraiso Travel Film Soundtrack - Song: Tinto Tintero
  • DJ Kaska presents Global Beats 18 Chulos Records, Spain - Song: All Out King

Compilation CDs 2007:

  • The Rough Guide To Latin Funk Rough Guide Series, World Music Network - Song: Bristol Brooklyn Bridge
  • Chillout in Istanbul Best of Lounge FM Radio, Yeni Dunya Muzik - Song: Istanbul's Secrets
  • Romanowski's Party in My Pants Trouser Trout Records - Song: Strudel Strut
  • Metissages Vol. 2 Best of Radio Europeenne, Couleur 3 - Song: Everyday
  • Indian Electronica Vol.1 Indian Electronica Records - Song: Tabla Talkin' Dub
  • BiggaBush Sound Sensation CD + vinyl, Stereo Deluxe Records - Song: Zuzuku's People
  • Indiarama Wagram France - Song: The Hand Of Contraband

Adverts , with music from Up, Bustle and Out:

  • NEW 2012 Adidas Blaze campaign via
  • World Cup 2006 Madness Brazil's Team choose UB&O's sound
  • Telefonica de Espana Spanish & Chilean TV
Up, Bustle and Out are song writers and producers from Bristol, England.
They pioneered the early creative sound of Ninja Tune Records, London by experimenting with artists and sounds from across the globe. UB&O opened Ninja Tune's doors to an international audience and produced 5 albums with the influential label.
Up, Bustle and Out's new direction – collaborating with World artists, recording songs with more complex movements and emotions. The first album in this series features Turkish film actress-singer Sevval Sam. The album is called Istanbul's Secrets. Other guests are Andrea Echeverri from Colombia (US Grammy Winner - Best Female Singer), Benjamin Escoriza of Radio Tarifa, Spain (4 times Grammy nominees / BBC World Music Award winners), Jim Barr on Double Bass of Portishead Band, UK, Portuguese poet Kalaf, Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation, USA, and many more exciting artists.
Note: we only publish music by the band Up, Bustle and Out and not by other writers or artists.