Mexican Sessions: Our Simple Sensational Sound

  1. Day at the Bookies - UB&O version
  2. All Out King - feat.Romanowski
  3. Mi Chat Latin - feat.DJ Mexican
  4. Genio del Dub - feat.Control Machete
  5. Corazon de Leon - Subrok Mission remix
  6. Chicharras Night - Chico Sonido remix
  7. Bristol Brooklyn Bridge - feat.Blanquito Man & Fragment Crew
  8. Mundo Insolito - Toy Selectah & Control Machete remix
  1. Cumbion Mountain - Chico Sonido & Toy Selectah remix
  2. Lyrica Volcanica - dub mix
  3. Tinto Tintero
  4. Mi Altar Voy a Armar
  5. Nina
  6. Corazon de Leon - Kabanjak remix
  7. Day at the Bookies - Romanowski remix
  8. Guitar Ahoy - feat.Cuffy on Flamenco Guitar
bonus tracks for download version
  1. Radio Botana Soundsystem
  2. Chicharras Night - UB&O original mix
  3. Bristol Brooklyn Bridge - UB&O Accordian mix
  4. Zuzukus People
  5. Mundo Insolito - UB&O original mix
  1. Rio de Almeria - Dub Club Vienna remix
  2. Lyrica Volcanica - UB&O original mix
  3. Barrio Living - UB&O original mix
  4. Barrio Living - Romanowski remix

Mexican Sessions album front cover by Up, Bustle and Out The 8th album by Up, Bustle & Out, featuring an international crew, 2 videos, a whole host of remixers from across Europe, USA and Mexico. If you have seen the films AMORES PERROS, RAISING VICTOR VARGAS, VOLVERAS, heard the exciting sounds and fusions taking place across the USA, Central America and the Caribbean, & been moved by these rhythms, then this album will capture your imagination

Remixers: Federico Aubele, Toy (Control Machete), Lightning Head (BiggaBush), In Flagranti (NYC), DJ King Ruly (Sistema Local), Dub Club (Vienna), Romanowski, Switchstance Recordings Crew, Eric Moss (Backyard Bangers), Subrok Mission...

Collaborators: Blanquito Man (King Chango), MC Blaze, Jaramar Soto, Edi Hernandez, Ras Jabulani...

Videos: Roxana & Ariel - Media Selectah, Mexico & Graham Nelson, Ireland

Photography: Emmanuel Georges & Ariel

Artwork: Gabriela Garcia & Edi Hernandez

UB&O arrive in Monterrey, Mexico where DJ KING RULY greets them on behalf of SISTEMA LOCAL – Mexico’s Sound System / DJ Production Crew. Their sound is so modern and fresh that it is influencing their brothers across the US border. Music crosses borders and here Up, Bustle & Out present the Mexican Sessions written between Monterrey Mexico, Kingston, Jamaica New York, USA & Bristol, England.

Mexican Sessions album rear cover by Up, Bustle and Out The L. A. Guardian newspaper runs a feature on a Mexican Hip Hop producer from CONTROL MACHETE. His name is Toy Hernandez. He is seen walking the northern state deserts with a Sound System in tow. He is seeking to take CUMBIA to that next level. This is what UB&O achieve with this album: The SOUND SYSTEM fused and rooted in Jamaican DJ-Producer culture, married to the pulsating simplicity of Colombian Cumbia grooves that have grown from the sparky blend of latin rhythms & accordions.

KING CHANGO’S vocalist BLANQUITO MAN has the headphones on, he hears the Bristol to Brooklyn sound. NYC collective THE FRAGMENT CREW’ drop versus mixing English, Spanish with Rastafarian vibes. KING RULY dubs a master trumpet workout from the Sistema Local base...It’s Latin. It’s Hip Hop. It’s Cumbia. It’s new – a modern & revolutionary surround sound.