Istanbul`s Secrets - Up, Bustle & Out with Sevval Sam

Featuring: Rob Garza (Thievery Corporation, USA), Benjamin Escoriza (Radio Tarifa, Spain), Kalaf (Buraka Som Sistema, Portugal), Jim Barr (Portishead Band, UK), Blanquito Man & DJ Napoles (USA), MC Sultana (Turkey), Marina Celeste (France)...
  • 10th Album by Up, Bustle & Out: Double CD album: CD 1 Vocal versions, CD2 Dub versions
  • Record Labels: Collision - Worldwide, Kalan - Turkey, 18 Chulos - Spain, V2 Hellas - Greece
  • Release Date: September 2007
  • Contains music recorded in Bristol - England, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, France, USA & Jamaica
Track Listing CD 1
  1. River Song with Rob Garza ( Thievery Corporation, USA)
  2. Ben Seni Sevdugumi with Benjamin Escoriza ( Radio Tarifa, Spain)
  3. Breaking Codes with Kalaf (Portugal)
  4. Giden Gitti
  5. Anda Luz with Benjamin Escoriza (Radio Tarifa, Spain)
  6. Yol Turkusu
  7. Hidjaz Ask... intro
  8. Hidaj Ask with Engin Arslan (Turkey)
  9. Orthodox Gold with MC Sultana (Turkey) & Mark Underhill (England)
  10. Blue Night with Blanquito Man (USA)
  11. Bosporus Moon
  12. Remote Corners
  13. Istanbul's Secrets with DJ Napoles (USA)
  14. Silence's Brink
  15. Steppe Ouverte with Marina Celeste (France)
CD2 contains dub version of every above mentioned track
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Istanbul's Secrets featured vocalist is Turkey's celebrated film actress-singer, Sevval Sam. Sevval is the singing star of Fatih Akin's new film Edge of Heaven, collecting awards at Cannes Film Festival this year. As a singer, Sevval Sam became recognised after acting (and singing) in a Black Sea region production, in particular a song called Ben Seni Sevdugumi with Kazim Koyuncu. Up, Bustle & Out restructured this song, expanded the lyrical story, and invited the 4-times Grammy nominated band Radio Tarifa to feature. Radio Tarifa's dynamic vocalist Benjamin Escoriza performs on several of the album's most mysterious and reaching songs.
Portishead's double bass player Jim Barr brings a powerful and haunting depth; sexy warmth to these Eastern-inspired chords. Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation opens the album with vocals and floating sitar melodies. Blanquito Man from Nueva York's Latin Massive (Control Machete and Celso Pina) also toasts up a Brooklyn vocal vibe dedicated to the aura of a Blue Night and a strange wind. Portugal's revered Afro-poet, Kalaf, explores the hidden meanings and ways of Breaking Codes from long journeys, confused information and signals that are only visible in the half-lights of life. The wooden harmonics of the Flamenco guitar, played by Cuffy 'El Guapo' give the album its dream-like beauty. And the Turkish Black Sea violinist, Neriman Gunes (Kardes Turkuler), layers Arabic riffs that feel other-worldly, at times deep and gliding, others piercing and distant, making you look over your shoulder.
Istanbul's Secrets is a wonderful achievement, a world music album like no other: truly global, experimental, original, cultured and fun. No other artist in today's uncertain music environment are bring an international arena together like this, made possible only by the kindness of our sponsors:
Les Ottomans Hotel, Limon Film Productions and Cinar Silk Carpets - all Istanbul-based companies.
The 15 songs follow interesting structures, Eastern chord sequences, and challenging movements and rhythms. The lyrics have been translated in to many languages by professionals to keep the feelings true and direct. The imaginative photography and graphics are by the published French photographer, Emmanuel Georges, and Mexican illustrator, Marie Dupre provides the witty and creative double-page illustrations.
Up, Bustle & Out bring Istanbul's Secrets to the world and at a time when Istanbul will be the City of Culture 2010, linking the East to the West and bridging a historically strategic-polemic gap. Songs like Anda Luz make Andalucia come alive in front of you "as if you were an eagle, as if you were a swordfish, as if you were a secret". And the secrets of Istanbul are found somewhere lurking in lyrics like "precious earrings, stone and metal on the wind sing, the cypress tress bend in the wind, they hover like angels, ships passing like oil on tears, wind and souls are her only guest..."
Contacts in the music industry, film directors like Antonio Chavarrias, Peter Sollett, Lynn Fainchtein and responses from early radio features, such as Charlie Gillett's 'Sounds of the World' and 'Lounge FM', Istanbul have tipped this album as a remarkable achievement.
Written by Rupert Mould, writer, arranger, producer, musician from UB&O
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it`s a masterpiece
Posted on:
Sunday 2nd of May 2010 19:53
dudes, i d/l instanbuls secrets from your site last weekend it`s a masterpiece
Posted on:
Sunday 2nd of May 2010 19:52
LOVVVVVVVVVVE `secrets` BIG LOVE to you & Ruddie Jojoh xxxxx
love it too much...
Posted on:
Sunday 2nd of May 2010 19:51
Hi Rupe, its Kezban. I just listened to ISTANBUL`S SECRETS and love it too much. I called Sevval and said that I`m proud of her. And congratulations to you too. It was really perfect. We missed you ,hope to see you soon.
Istanbul Secret`s and coming in September
Posted on:
Sunday 2nd of May 2010 19:50
Hi!. Rupert, How are you? I`m Pinar ,I live in Istanbul and I love ..Sevval Sam .....Sevval Sam is a very important actress,singer and songwriter for Turkey and Sevvalists. I know Istanbul Secret`s and coming in September but I couldn`t know for certain when album`d coming. I very be happy when learn so thank you very very much...Turkey is waiting to ISTANBUL SECRET`S and BLUE ROAD...I congratulate you on your success. Love, Pinar
WDR Funkhaus Europa
Posted on:
Sunday 2nd of May 2010 19:48
Albert Wiedenhofer
I am the guy that has the honour to present your Istanbul`s Secrets as CD of the week at WDR FUNKHAUS EUROPA. Funkhaus Europa is a public radio station in the western part of Germany that covers an area of about 30 million people. It?s kind of a multicultural format radio with all kinds of euopean (pop) music that is not angloamerican mainstream. Being presented as CD of the week means that you have 6 plays of complete songs over the week ? plus interview parts. Greetings from Cologne Germany.