Fan mail and other communications

dj bongohead - up - bustle - and - out - fan - at - 130: 2 March 2014 ...they were loving it...
Played a bunch of your old band's vinyl that you gave me a while back at this chill gig at a club here and peeps kept coming by my tables to ask what it was, they were loving it but had never heard it before!

Pablo Yglesias, New York City.

from: Pablo
129: 2 April 2012 Thank You
I'm a DJ based in Atlanta Ga U.S.A. I've been a Huge Fan since I fist picked up the CD 'The Breeze Was Mellow' back in 1994.I've been playing out your tunes ever since. I Love the way you've evolved and never fail to produce wonderful music. Please keep me informed of any and all new releases and U.S. tour dates.I just finished digitizing all my 12" and Lps and I'm really looking forward to reintroducing my audience to your Magical Sounds.
Lots Of Love and Much Respect.
Peace, Love and Swivel

128: 25 January 2011 What A masterpiece!
Soliloquy. Right now the pleasant sounds of this album are coming out of my sound system.
from: Ed
guy carter aka hedley.jpg 127: 1 November 2010 Littered Dreams !
Littered Dreams ! wow. How deep.

from: *Guy *
martyn thompson - saxman - from - solskala - band - plays - nu - jazz - funk - breakbeats - dub - reggae - at - 126: 15 September 2010 Soliloquy
...what a beautiful album Ein, I really love it. Will post & recommend on my social media pages for what it's worth.
from: Martyn
dj - chuck - 1 - kisv - bakersfield - hot - 94.1 - cabana - palms - old - school - dj - urban - artist - up - bustle - and - out - fan - at - 125: 11 September 2010 Just reachin` out...
I'm a local DJ out here in Bakersfield Ca., one of the rare few that DJ's downtempo and the like as a personal fav. Here's two mixes i've done that i think you'll appreciate. One of them has several of your tracks in the mix and the other has one (which was a live set i did over here.) Hope you dig them and keep doin' what you guyz do best.

I've been a fan of you guyz for quite some time. Some of my most recent mixes, I think you'll dig. Just kinda passing them along to people i think will get a kick out of them. Keep doin what you're doin', makin' that ill sh** for us to spin. Thanks for your time.

Shitskees!!! thanks for the response back!! HAHA!!! Realness. the links take you to two of my most recent mixes. i've been a mix dj for 14 years. and have been djing downtempo for, at least 12 of those years. both mixes contain a looooooooooot of "up bustle and out." the mixes are over an hour long, so they're big files. i just figured if there's some1 who's going to enjoy these mixes, it'd be you guys. like I REEEEEEEEEEAALLY think you'll dig.
just a few examples of who's on them is... "Up Bustle N' Out," "Tommy Guerrero," "DJ Shadow," "The Black Keys," "The Heavy," "RJD2," "Ceu," "Si*Se," "Bomba Estereo," "Fat John," and many others. both mixes are blended with scratches and blends with turntables, skills ;) serato, and a lot of love. hope that's a little better of a description. thank you again for getting back to me. i hope you guyz enjoy the mixes...

from: DJ CHUCK 1 KISV Bakersfield Hot 94.1 Cabana Palms
Thanks for all your support, we always love to hear from people when and where ever...peace and music, Rupert
eric - tchaikovsky - of - the - night - light - sound - system - says - all - roads - lead - to - jazz - at - 124: 21 June 2010 Night Light Radioshow
Up, Bustle & Out "Waterfalls of Gold" played on the Night Light Radioshow (Pt I) on June 20
Listen again:

from: Eric Tchaikovsky
Thanks for this Eric - best musical wishes - 'Clandestine' Ein
sista - selecta - aka - bobbie - philip - roots - and - reggae - show - presenter - at - 123: 20 June 2010 I am ecstatic...
I am ecstatic that there is a new UBO album out!!!
I present a weekly roots'n'reggae program on a community radio station in Australia and quite regularly feature some UBO tracks ..

from: bobbie (sista selecta, 2bob radio, Australia)
122: 12 April 2010
I love your music
Cheers from Barcelona!

from: Lento Rodriguez
rip - charlie - gillett - from - up - bustle - and - out - photograph - by - philip - ryalls - redferns - 2005 - obituary - farewell - goodbye.jpg 121: 21 March 2010 Charlie Gillett
Oh, that's really sad that he died, and he was a BIG FAN of our music...
That's another good personality in music gone, I wonder if someone else of quality will step in, or more cheese on offer....
We had good airplay with Charlie...Sun is shining...

from: DJ Rudy (Up, Bustle and Out)
rebel - radio - diary - paperback - book - mailorder - from - 120: 10 March 2010 CLAP CLAP CLAP !!! BRAVO
The Rebel Radio Diary by Rupert Mould of Up, Bustle and Out I've just finished a very interesting reading, today. For sure your are the "Rupert" I have met. Your travel book is very welcoming with its differents entrances. The "cog (?)"(l'enchainement d'idees du diary) is absolutly well done. Very humble, modest, discret, engaged, respectful, sincere, lively, colorful, sincere etc etc...
I do not know Cuba, met people from Cuba sometimes while I was in North America, bought a Che's cartoon book with nice drawings for my kids. I will read it once, and re-read YOUR book. It is going to refresh again and again my English whith nice words.
We have been at the same place at the same moment you've been, but definitely in a different way...Peru ,Bolivia, Andalusia...I wrote a travel note book of our Peruvian trip, lost somewhere into my basement... It is our 6 weeks best trip we did with Alan ,no question about. We've met nice people over there and had an excellent treck with Chilians.
Thank you Rupert to have sending me these pages.
I am dying to see you again.

from: Aisha !!!
119: 14 January 2010
I am listing right now your music.......
Well Men Clap clap clap your cds are just gorgeous.... Thanks

from: Aisha Younes-Morelli
118: 14 November 2009
we live in tokyo, japan. we love your music. we make music & dream, too.
please keep in touch!!!!

from: Spitters Den
117: 7 October 2009

from: Alexander
live - band - sound - system - on - stage - up - bustle - and - out - at - funky - elephant - warm - up - party - 116: 14 September 2009
Thanks for the add... Saw your Debrecen, Hungary show in the summer. Mind-boggling!
from: Ital Water
115: 2 August 2009
So many years/the best world dope music. thanx guys/greece
from: Chris
114: 24 June 2009
long time fan of yr sound. . from the che guevara lp---suerte rude hi-fi
113: 23 June 2009
Hey this is Andrea, the music director at WVUM, 90. 5 fm. (Miami!) We dig your music- cant wait for more xx
from: andrea
112: 16 June 2009
I like your music, but especially the sounds of the cities.
from: Kaschubische Katze
111: 6 June 2009
Greetings from the Selkirk Mountains of B. C. Canada. REALLY Love all your releases, and thanks for the Dub version of Istanbul's Secrets. . . .
from: DJ Papa Roots
110: 1 May 2009
hi! I'm from poland I'm big fan of yours since '96 I love your music from first time I heard
from: Misiek Mishek
109: 24 March 2009
Hi Up, Bustle & Out, been a fan since I bought Flexistentialism, all the best from the far west, Daytoner
from: Daytoner
108: 23 March 2009
You guys remain so great and creative. I love the hip hop beats with your style of music ...
sparse but great use of samples ... excellent!

from: Mango
107: 12 March 2009
Used to love your early stuff on Ninja tune. . .
Would love to remix something - free of course

from: Tombee
106: 28 February 2009
You guys sound GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! I love your sound!!!!!!!!!
from: Rich from ""
105: 18 February 2009
Hey guys!
Just bought one of your albums here down under and absoutely love what I hear. I host a weekly roots and reggae program on a community radio station here in australia.
Thanks, regards

from: bobbie philp (sista selecta, 2bob radio)
rebel - radio - master - sessions - volume - 1 - by - up - bustle - and - out - released - on - ninja - tune - 104: 16 February 2009
thanks a lot for the add and your comment.
I've been listening to your music for quite some time. Actually Master sessions 1 that you guys released with Richard Egues in Havana in 2000 was the music that kept me company during my trip to Cuba the following year.
Thus whenever I get to hear the tunes from this album images from Havana come immediately into mind. What a great reminder!
Keep up the good effort.

from: silentgrim
103: 8 February 2009
yo U,B&O! safe for add & comment
mad respect,been down with ya sound
for mad long all class stuff.
keep it chilled

from: ninjaboy
102: 7 February 2009
Hi! Thanxs for the add, me encanta su trabajo en el Mexican Sessions, es un disco sensacionnal, cuando vienen a México?

from: Vago
101: 7 February 2009
yo guys been down with ya sound for mad long,since the early ninjatune days all class stuff,
it would b dope 2 c u on page as friends.

from: ninjaboy
100: 4 February 2009
thanks for the add!
(& the comment 2!)
totally diggin this music!

from: janel gran
99: 21 January 2009
we added you as a friend because we enjoy listening to your music. Your last album was awesome.
We look forward to your new album.
Greetings from Germany,

from: Chris & Tim from Smell of the Females
98: 19 January 2009
Up, Bustle and Out, i like your music! grettings from spain.
from: Advocate75
97: 4 December 2008
hi there!from athens your work!!!
peace 'n love to ya...

from: rastafalex
96: 30 November 2008
thanx for the add!!love your music!take care...
peace'n love from athens.

95: 29 November 2008
yes - like your music since the early 90ties-good work & respect!!
from: roland dj-rolando 007
94: 29 November 2008
Hi guys!
I already have it and it's a great album!
Big up's! Much love and respect from Greece!

from: Kle.
93: 28 November 2008
cheers for the pointing me the way to your new album :)
all the best from hannover

from: mr. confuse
a - dream - of - land - and - freedom - ep - by - up - bustle - and - out - released - on - ninja - tune - 92: 8 November 2008
Since your 12 inch with Che on the cover i am i big follower of yours.
Keep up the world beatz. Respect.

from: Fonkyshit
91: 24 October 2008
Lovin the Up Bustle & out old school ninja tune jammin!
from: LoFi FreQ
light - em - up - blow - em - out - album - artwork - by - up - bustle - and - out - mailorder - vinyl - copies - at - 90: 19 October 2008
listening to light em up blow em out. very cool!

from: MOHAK
89: 5 October 2008
WMUA. org's dj andujar (massachusetts) has been a fan for years (since one colour).
i'm amazed at the depth of yr work. cheers!

from: Dj Andujar
88: 30 September 2008
thanks, merci, grazie
a great pleasure being a friend, long time fan here!
i listen to your sound since the 'coca conga' days. . .
congratulations for quantity and quality of your releases!
all the best from italy
biggest respect! i love you.

from: tom-suonho
87: 23 September 2008
wow, your sound keeps evolving ...
I love you guys.

from: Mango
86: 19 September 2008
Saludos desde EEUU! I absolutely love your music! first heard it on pandora. com and i just cant stop listening to it. PEACE!
from: soY aNDrES
up - bustle - and - out - all - crew - band - caricature - by - blanquito - 85: 18 August 2008
hello senor rudi and clandetine-ein.. big up!! and of cours greetings to the rest of the crew too!
amazing how you manage to always find a new space to set up the bustlin sound system.
busthank s a lot for the respond. it means a lot to us...

from: peter@dubworks
84: 16 August 2008
Yo, Been with you since early 90's.
Keep on keepin on. Please!!! Peace

from: Endo
the - dance - of - caravan - summer - ep - by - up - bustle - and - out - 83: 29 July 2008
"The Dance Of Caravan Summer" is one of my favorite tracks from the 1990s!!
82: 29 July 2008
Hi,I follow your way of music since light em up blow em out, to unique,routes and echo beach. Your musical history is one of the longest in the scene and for me one of the greatest.
Anyway, don't want to glorify you, but i'm a big fan of your stuff, that's all.
All the best -

from: david
81: 29 July 2008
wahouh!!!!! i loooooove your music!
from: la_poule_timbree
80: 29 July 2008
Thankz for add.I'm your fan.good beats, bassline strong....beatyful, beatyful
from: Dj Novato
79: 22 July 2008
hi guys wanted to add you on my nu page of some of my earlier works thanks for all the music you produce ;0)
from: mark graham
78: 22 July 2008
Thanks for the add guys
i love everything you do!
keep doin it!

from: Mark ;0)
emerald - alley - ep - by - up - bustle - and - out - released - on - ninja - tune - 77: 17 July 2008
hey. nice sound. like the emerald alley ;)
best regards from munich

from: Voodoo
76: 17 July 2008
We here at Redlight Studios just fell all over "Istanbul's Secrets"

from: Red Light Studios
75: 14 June 2008
ei,thanks for the add.your sound is always dope!
best greetings from tenerife.

from: Pablo
mexican - sessions - download - artwork - by - up - bustle - and - out - get - mp3 - archive - at - 74: 13 June 2008
Hi - what a sound! thanks for mex. sess. , it's a great bouncer when I put it on @ my fetes - good luck for all - cheers.
from: Selecter Steppes
73: 3 June 2008
Thanx for the add.
really dig your stuff
cheers :).

from: umbo
72: 1 June 2008
Great music guys..i have alot of records from u & i search 4your work 4many years
thanks 4the add
thanks 4the downloads
keep in touch 4everything new.

from: alexandros
71: 29 May 2008
GRACIAS X LA INFO!! soy un gran segidor de U'B&O desde hace muchos anos...

from: PAZ!
70: 28 May 2008
up, bustle and out in ma top 10 ever;-)
best greetz from cologne,

from: kosta
69: 28 May 2008
you guys been rockin for ever!got your first releases
so dope way ahead of our time.

from: Smoove
one - colour - just - reflects - another - album - cover - by - up - bustle - and - out - download - with free - bonus - mixes - from - 68: 22 May 2008
To you as well!
I found your "One Colour Just Reflects Another" album on Emusic. com.
I love it! Thank you!.

from: krissygirl1680
67: 19 May 2008
Love your music and I play it all the time on the radio.
Your song "Genio Del Dub" will be on my modern global show in NYC next Saturday at midnight.

from: DJ CACHE
66: 29 April 2008
Hey UB, I've been a fan of you music since I first heard a track on Ninja Tune.
Hooked ever since keep up the good rid-ms.

from: DJ CACHE
65: 1 April 2008
finally found . . . . lovin'your musical vibes. . . . ease,
from: Glen @ SUNZ of BANDITOS
64: 12 March 2008
Thanks for the add!!! UB&O is one of the best bands!
Peace from Budapest, Hungary.

from: Savages
63: 11 March 2008
Thanks for the friend vibe...Your projects are amazing fun...

from: John- City of Angels
62: 3 March 2008
I've been digging your sound for ages, glad you're getting more of the the airplay you deserve, these days
from: DJ747
61: 26 February 2008
MEXICAN SESSIONs BEST ALBUM EVER. . nada mas dime que no chinge. te kuidas
from: Jon
60: 26 February 2008
I Love your sounds for a long time - best from NY and Brasil.
from: Beco
59: 24 February 2008
some of my faves for a loooooong time. . . keep the tunes coming
from: D
cuffy - the - flamenco - guitar - maestro - from - up - bustle - and - out - 58: 16 February 2008
Managed to get a copy of the new CD from Cuffy, really good tunes bud. Well done!!!
Hope to catch up with you soon. Take it easy.

from: Mr M aka Smudger
57: 14 February 2008
yeah. greets from innsbruck/austria.
i..m a huge fan of your music, so thats why i played you often enough (= i did promotion for you :-)

from: raiz dj
56: 9 February 2008
Much love from Kansas City.
I have always been a big fan of you since the beginning.

from: Kiko
55: 7 February 2008
Thanks for the add.
I love your music, I'm really a fan of you.
Muchos saludos desde Vancouver, Canada !!

from: Nothofagus
54: 6 February 2008
UB&O - Thanks for the comment you added to my MySpace page... What can I say about "Istanbul's Secrets" other than "Wow!"? What a fantastic album.... The beats, the unbelievable voices, the club & street mashup... FYI: I debuted the album on my radio program as part of an half-hour "Turkish Delights" mix.
I already have "Istanbul's Secrets" at the top of my "best of 08" list. This album is so good all the way through...there's not a down moment. And, of course as a DJ, what could be better thana full dub album counterpart? Endless extended mixes on the horizon...Can't wait for part2 of this.... And always looking forward to the next UB&O release.

from: Dr. StrangeDub
istanbuls - secrets - download - artwork - listen - to - a - preview - mp3 - at - 53: 26 January 2008
Hey Hey, Wow, I bought Istanbul Secrets, and am blown away. Its been years since I've been in Istanbul...
Anyways you've just gained one more fan...Thanks for the tunes

from: Erol
52: 21 January 2008
hi had to let you know we had Istanbul's Secrets on what you can describe as heavy rotation! love it.
from: ultralites
51: 19 January 2008
Hello from Belgium,
I like a lot your sound and the last one is super good!!!!

from: Rudy
50: 19 January 2008
Loving the Istanbul's Secrets album.
Keep them coming.
Peace & Blessings.

from: Mos
49: 6 January 2008
Love your music and would like to play it on my podcast. Please let me know if this is alright. Cheers
from: Spherical Sounds
48: 6 January 2008
Kon-nichiwa. thanks for the info.
I like your music, started my day with it this morning :)

from: myoume
47: 13 December 2007
hey up and bustle.just had a good listen to your tracks...NICE!!! very soulful and unique sound =0))
from: Lauren
46: 12 December 2007
Hi, phenominal songs btw, been a listner for years, since flexistensialism days, love mexican sessions too. i think you have the whole sound sussed, like total collaboration organic electric the lot. if you ever have any constructive or thoughts essential equipment ideas for the ultralites sound do pass it on. i havnt checked blue road yet so it will probably b a toss up between istanbul dub an that..

from: Guy
45: 6 November 2007
Hi, i thank you for the add!!
Love your music! Its amazing how the music changes album to album and still, the essence is there!!!

from: Tania
44: 2 November 2007
Hey it's me that i have to say thanks for the approve! i am huge fun of up, bustle & and out over the last 7 years. so it' s a great honour for me to have YOU net friends!
i have already the glad and pleasure to enjoy some of your records(cd's){ master sessions 1,2 - one colour just reflects another - light' em up. blow 'em out - urban evacuation and of course mexican sessions(fantastic work as the previous!)}and i 'm trying to find the rest espessially this one with che,

from: mikel
wurlitzer - theatre - organ - control - panel - get - free - wav - sound - samples - at - 43: 27 October 2007
Senor Clandestine,
I really appreciate your post on creating live rhythms.
Your beats have certainly been one of my major influences. I can't really think of anything that you've left out. I'm glad that you're willing to share your techniques with us aspiring beat-makers.
As a long time fan of Up, Bustle and Out it means a lot. Your music is way ahead of it's time...
Any chance that Up, Bustle and Out might tour Mexico or the States?
Thanks again,

from: Clint
blue - road - album - cover - artwork - by - up - bustle - and - out - listen - to - preview - mp3 - samples - at - 42: 12 October 2007
Hi DJ rupert looking forward to gettin hands on blue road and istanbuls secrets, love up bustle and out man, we're long time listeners.
have a good weekend!

from: ultralites
41: 18 September 2007
I am clear about the project since day 1. I love your music and I believe in this project too...
Nothing is lost especially with the great album that you have in your hands.

from: Theodore Tsantoulas / V2 Records / Greece
istanbuls - secrets - cd - album - booklet - artwork - by - dj - rudy - 40: 17 September 2007 thanks
Thanks for accepting my request..
i really like Istanbul's Secrets.. it's perfect..
kisses from Istanbul :)

from: Kubra
39: 4 September 2007 Yeahyeahyeah.
Very glad u added me. since i've listened 2 ub&o the first time more ten years ago i'm kinda possessed and always crazy about ur new releases.
am still awaiting ur album "Istanbul's Secrets", which is still not available ( at least in switzerland...).
I luv the beats, instrumentation and mixture of groove, funkyness & independency. real hot stuff. the perfection of urban vibes - always with this characteristical ub&o flava.
keep on guys - i'd like to c u performing one day !

from: marston
38: 13 August 2007 A fan from the States.
Imaging ending up in the same city after being a fan of the stuff I heard from Ninja Tune compilations and dj friends. Nice.
L8-rr, der th(inc.) aka Sir Paul McDarkney bka

from: Derrick
37: 12 August 2007 Thanks from Mexico
thanks from mexico is amazinge your music!! i love the sound!!! whith some of flamencooo!!
and is fantastic the pics!!!
you have a other friend!!..

from: claudia.....muAkZ!
rebel - radio - diary - book - front - cover - artwork - by - rupert - mould - mailorder - from - 36: 2 August 2007 Thanks
thanks for the reach fellas,
been a fan for years now.
i loved rupert's 'rebel radio diary' as well.
big up and respect.

from: Kidgusto
35: 1 August 2007 Good music is Good music
Keep the Good music floating around ,
what i like you about you guys that wherever you mix and blend always have a meaning which is some sort of a fine art that i have respect for.
Thanks Guys for the great music that you established its always new and creative.

from: Hany
34: 28 July 2007 ME ENCANTA El SONIDO!
I am sooo in love with your guys' boyfriend is a DJ and he had me listen to your material. I commend you, comrades.
We played the whole thing, and never skipped a track, but repeated them ;)...
i can't wait to groove to you guys when you're in SoCal..Abrazos! hope to see ya soon!
Sonido Sabroso!

from: De-Nice.....
33: 23 July 2007
hey i was just exposed to you today and i think that your music is hot!!!!
from: blastik ice
32: 20 July 2007 re: Your body of work
Nothing shy of genius.
from: Tony a.k.a. DJ Tonearm
indian - electronica - volume - 1 - cd - compilation - features - tabla - talkin - dub - from - 31: 25 June 2007 Indian Electronica compilation
I've given a listen to Ascending Sun as well as Silence's Brink and love them all! :) I tell you, there are few groups I can think of who are able to fill aural space yet maintain such a smooth aesthetic; I really am sooo happy to be able to feature your music on this compilation!

from: Qas
30: 18 June 2007 hi there
Your new album is great.I just got a copy! Please don't ever stop!!
yer pal

from: dave
29: 18 June 2007 HI UP, BUSTLE AND OUT

from: ah2o
28: 13 June 2007 Hey
the review from allmusic sums it up a treat!
we have been listeners for years there is nothing quite like up bustle and out, if we could ever be involved in anything as universal as this it would be brilliant.
Lovin the mexican connections such an amazing country.
We would love to have our sounds used in tv or other media.
Summertime yea!

mexican - sessions - cd - rear - cover - small - by - up - bustle - and - out - download - preview - mp3 - at - 27: 27 April 2007
I am a HUGE HUGE fan of "Mexican Sessions". It is by far the BEST thing I've heard this year!!
I work at an independent record store, so I was lucky enough to come across it. Rhino Records in Claremont Cali love you!!!!
Peace and love!

from: Claudia
26: 24 April 2007 Hi there,
Caramba! Imagine the huge smile on my face (even my teenagers emerged from their sordid pits, scratching & blinking, to see what was happening....) "Up Bustle and Out have got new music out!! They're still out there!" Carnival in the kitchen, I'm telling you. The cause? New CD mentioned on radio 2. Woohoo.
You became one of my alltime favorites about 7?? years ago, when I heard a tune one day in a clothes shop here where I live in Brighton, England. I have about 5 ? CDs but NONE of those on your website. So, will be downloading pronto. Seriously, I am SO exited. You make music that speaks to me & I blimmin love y'all.

from: kim xx
25: 6 March 2007 Hello UB&O !
My name is Alan and I live in the Nelson BC, Canada area. I'm friends with Jade who also lives here in the kootenay moutains. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my soul for your most wonderful and gifted music. Every new UBO album was like a grand christmas gift and I kid-you-not better than (or as good as) the last without exception !
We own a small store in Nelson (Jades partner & I) and quite often Up, Bustle & Out is on the strereo. People are constantly asking "who is this???" My favorite is when listening to an alblum like Light 'Em Up, Blow 'Em Out someone will ask a second time and you say "Its STILL up, bustle & out" Haha ! I think the record is 3 times...
Hope all is well with you and I will be listening intently for all new UBO materials.
Thanks & Blessings

from: Alan
shambhala - music - festival - in - kootenay - mountain - bc - canada - fans - of - 24: 5 March 2007 Lovin` you guys!
Me (to my partner): "Yeah, my new tribe friends this group from the U.K. look really cool and I sent their links so we can check 'em out loud on the stereo." Him (once he'd received it): "UP, BUSTLE & OUT?!!!" They're only pretty much my favourites!
...You gotta' get that partner/Paul is a huge music conoisseur and doesn't favourite lightly so big deal that he does you! Anyway, now we're *both* hugely appreciating the range of your influences and you're fine sounds will travel far by us,
Ever think about bringing your scene to Canada for a visit? - Maybe you've done...
I'd like you folk to think about coming to the Shambhala Music Festival, celebrating 10 years in Aug. '07 - globally attended by 10,000 people.Tell 'em I (Jade) sent ya and with a *special request* for the Beach Stage.
Keep on rockin' it & THANKS!

from: Jade
23: 14 February 2007 Hola UpBustleOut
im a huge fan!!!
im from argentina i love your music, I listen to them from 1999 every day!

22: 24 August 2006 Hey Guys...
...been hearing some of your tunes around the place - got a couple of them on compilations and sh*t - very nice - keep up the good work...
from: Sam
21: 29 July 2006
I am a huge fan and it would be cool if you could add me as a friend...
if not that is allright too, just know i think what you guys do is great and you should keep it up...peace and respect...

from: rj
city - breakers - album - cover - thumbnail - by - up - bustle - and - out - listen - to - preview - mp3 - at - 20: 17 May 2006 congratulations to UB&O
hey, comrades,
just picked up the city breakers CD at amoeba in hollywood. so awesome. it's a good day when UB&O are back in my life. i've been a huge fan for years (even read the cuba book and thought it was fantastic). can't wait for the mexican sessions album. wish you guys the best! la lucha continua!
in solidaridad,

from: dont rhine
19: 5 January 2006 Ola! Que paso?
I have shamefully, though also very happily, just discovered your site and your tunes, films, words,...(shamefully because I wish I had years ago...but better later than never hey)and I'm so gladly, soul warmingly reinspired.
a lovely man from sistema local soundcrew in Monterrey Mexico just introduced me to UBO, I'm in Mexico again at the moment, my beautiful niece has just been born here to her Mexican revolutionary father and my earth loving sister. Anyway, I come here a lot as she's lived here 11years, but hail from the west country, not far from Brissol. But haven't lived there for years, maybe that's how I missed you...though the name was in my consciousness I couldn't put a sound to it. And now I have I want more more more.
I'm back to Blighty too soon, to a fishermans hut on the beach of brighton, and I'm hoping, I'm wonderin, if you'll be able to tell me that when I get there I'll be able to find somewhere the Mexican Sessions so keep me dancin and keep me warm, and keep this Mexican fire in my blood, when I'm feelin the windsa a january blow on that beach in Brighton?
With Peace and the fire of love in yer chest,

from: Hannah xxoo
mexican - sessions - album - cover - small - by - up - bustle - and - out - listen - to - preview - mp3s - at - 18: 15 November 2005 Hola!
I received the download link, downloaded the file and am listening to The Mexican Sessions at full volume. Thank you!
I moved to a remote village in Mexico from the US a year ago. There isn't a record store in 100 miles of here, so I am grateful that you've offered your new albums as downloads. Your music has been an inspiration to me for many years now and I am beyond stoked that you have brought your talents to the country I now call home.
The Mexican Sessions sounds excellent...thank you for sharing this music with the world.

from: Clint
one - colour - just - reflects - another - album - cover - by - up - bustle - and - out - mailorder - vinyl - from - 17: 9 May 2005 Hey.
...just listening to "One Color Just Reflects Another" and wanted to let ya know how well it holds up years later.
Ninja's Principality. The bass line still gets me to go "Oh!".

from: Joe Hernandez-Kolski
16: 5 March 2005 `Ascending Sun` feedback
Really digging 'Ascending Sun' on the 'City Breakers' album. This track is just so deep, I will open my next radio show with it for sure.
Such a great opening track, grabs the attention straight away.

from: Alan Brown ,Soul Seduction Distribution
15: 2 February 2005 From Mexico
Hello Friends:
Firs, sorry for my bad English, i have listen Up bustle and out, i have two cds from you and i think is a very good band, with many elements and many experimentation in the music, here in Mexico is imposible to get your cds, i buy the cds in Europe when i have been there, but now im here and is not possible that i will go to Europe again,
the mexican sessions was a very great surprise for my because never think that in my country you came and record a very good music, i have listen all the samplers of the page and is very bad that the mexican Public dont know this work, beacuse Toy is a very good talent and nobody knows him in this kind of works,
i want to know how can get the music, because i have a radio program the name is germinal060, the page is, now is under construction but in one week the page will ready, and we want to make a article and know my people this master art, please tell how we can get this, peace and respect,

from: Isaac Rivera, Germinal060
Hey Isaac,
no hay dudas, tu ingles es bien - entendemos todo...gracias por tu mensaje, nos da alegria recibir y tener contacto con gente como tu...ya sabes que estuvimos en mexico, y la musica te gusta - que bien..fue una experiencia preciosa pa' mi, en Monterrey encontre la banda Sonidero Nacional / Control Machete y nos pusimos en la musica durante un raro - teniamos la idea de hacer un 12" juntos, poco despues terminamos las sesiones con un elepe entero!!! Musica sabrosa, sencilla que cruza fronteras y se reune la gente...
Todavia no tenemos planes para realisar el disco - buscamos un label...
Dame un poquito de tiempo, sino te hare una copia quemada pa' ti y tu radio...
Mira, mucha suerte con tu programacion, dales una musica mas chingona, sale pues, peace from barrio Bristol, Ruperto del Monte Azul..

Gracias por la respuesta, me da mucha alegria que lo hayan hecho, nos gustaria mucho tener una copia, ahora estoy haciendo un trabajo acerca de el movimiento sonidero en Mexico, y su relacion con Jamaica, Colombia, Venezuela, New York e Inglaterra y exactamente este trabajo engloba todas estas expresiones, ojala y me puedas proporcionar el cd, que bueno que se la pasaron bien por estas tierras, ojala y puedan venir pero a hacer un concierto, paz y respeto, Isaac.
cumbion - mountain - video - still - from - mexican - sessions - by - up - bustle - and - out - 14: 21 January 2005 Cumbion Mountain.
Tommy Vargas from Cookman International here. Just wanted to let you know it sounds great! Thank you.
from: Tommy Vargas
13: 6 January 2005 The f`ing best !
yoyoyo! what can i say...
i've been an up, bustle fan for a long time and the ipod has now made your music the theme of every party we ever go to. all we do is choose random with all of your discography and voila... everyone wants to know who i'm playing.
you're some of the most talented m'fers out there. constantly pushing the edge and forever reinventing yourselves. i am having a bit of trouble getting the city breakers album on cd. can you steer me in a better direction than the bad link on your site. i'll be more than happy to buy direct from you. please advise and by all means,
keep up the kick ass work.

- ustedes son demasiado bueno. era extremadamente abundante de usted enviarme el album de city breakers.
es excelente realmente, realmente bueno. en detalle... bob your head, everyday, y dj rubadub son las grandes pistas.
que amaria enviarle uno de mi Cd de la mezcla al reutrn el favor me dejo saber una direccion del correo así que puedo enviarla su manera continua el gran trabajo y sin falta, sensacion libremente de enviar actualizaciones o mas el Cd siempre que usted le consiga a impulso y el equipo es extremadamente talentoso y juego su cuidado de la toma de la musica orgulloso...,
hablaremos pronto y le agradeceremos otra vez - darren

from: darren
city - breakers - the - remixes - vol - 1 - 12 - inch - cover - small - by - up - bustle - and - out - mailorder - vinyl - from - 12: 17 November 2004 City Breakers Remixes review.
Thanks for sending the remixes through.... here's the review I've sent to Undercover...
UP, BUSTLE & OUT - City Breakers Remixes Vol 1 - Routes 4/5
A nice selection of mixes of tracks from their dubalicious new album. The Lightning Head mix of Guitar Soldiering comes on inna raggamuffin hip hop stylee with chunky electro bass and guitar chops. The Full UBO Vocal Mix of Everyday is a mellow skank with 'strugglin' lyrics. Dance Your Troubles Away gets rubbed by the mighty King Britt and builds hypnotically in his unique scuba style, creating a dub-house hybrid. The ep is rounded off beautifully by GB's instrumental of Bob Your Head, an atmospheric ambient jazz headnodder that I can't stop playing.
I've started working on some solo material and would be very into doing a remix for the Bustlers... let me know what you think.... Rich

from: Rich

Hey Nicolas,
disculpa - mucho tiempo ha pasado y no te he escrito nada, aqui comunicas con el grupo UB&O, somos una gran mezcla de latinos/as, ingleses y 'rastas de jamaica'...somos orgollosos de nuestro sencillo sabroso sonido que tambien tiene su poder y mensaje politico y social..
gracias, tus palabras son chulas y estan ya puestas en la pagaina web de la banda...estuvimos en mexico grabando un nuevo sonido con CONTROL MACHETE / CELSO PINA Y SISTEMA LOCAL - el resulto es entre los ritmos de CUMBIA-CARIBE-SONIDO URBANO...chingon suena, te va a encantar - saldra en 2005...
It is great to always hear from people like you - enthusiastic, creative and willing to help...Of course, UB&O are deeply rooted in the people and cultures of LATIN AMERICA - this being a continent that i would fight for and defend with my heart...
It has great unity of spirit and history that is echoed in the music, architecture and sense of belonging...Soon our music is going to be available on a download label for all people of the world to access at a good and fair price...
We thank you for your support, encouraging words and wish you lo mejor con tus peliculas y estudios...aqui pasa la pelicula de CHE y su diario de la 500 potencia...te mando saludos y paz del Barrio BRISTOL,
city - breakers - cd - label - by - up - bustle - and - out - download - bonus - tracks - at - 10: 3 November 2004 Up, Bustle & Out
I have just been sitting at my desk here at work busitng my but and getting a ton of work done when I realized........ My mood was just chill, not thinking about how much I have to get done and the short amount of time I have to get it done in...
I have been listening to your music on my computer for over 3 hours now and just been groving while working. I must tell you, your music is the most inspiring music I have EVER listened to.
Whenever I need a break from the day to day stress that we all seem to have positioned ourselves in these days, all I have to do is throw on a bit of Up, Bustle & Out and my worries and stress just melts away like the snow melting in the spring....
WOW... I am so glad that you all are still making records, it just amazes me that you all have not gotten more exposure to the worlds listening public.... Maybe you have and I just dont see it as I am in the US. Seattle to be exact..
If you all are EVER going to be performing or just visiting in the Seattle area, you MUST contact me!! I would love to see your show or just sit down and buy you a cup of the best coffee in the world (Again, a Seattle thing)
Keep up the AMAZING work and I will for sure keep buying it and spreading the word as much as I humanly can!!

from: Brian Whitehead (Seattle, Wa.)
Hola Brian,
aqui estamos con el grupo Up, Bustle & Out - thanks for writing to us and being a positive driving force for us...your message is up on our web site under press and comments, something like that anyways...
your reactions equal mine and I don't want to say that our music is 'escapist' as we are seeking for a better world too with peace, understanding and putting life before war - however, we feel it important that people can dream, be transported elsewhere to a place where poetry washes up on distant shores and brash reality is left in the wake...
Like all the great revolutionaries, & I am not saying that we are - we take our first port of call from Don Quijote: the fusion of old and new, reality and fantasy and also the thrill of being out there in the world trying new things and, peace to you Brian & many thanks...
our new album CITY BREAKERS in out on vinyl for now in the USA, then we have the MEXICAN SESSIONS for 2005...
chou pescado, frito y asado...RUDY del Monte Azul...
9: 28 October 2004 Much respect for the music
Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that we received the vinyl copies of your album on routes music yesterday and it is sooo good…maximum respect for being true to the music that you always did…the dope breaks and hip hop beats and the pure conscious dub…this album is as wonderful as the releases i knew from you guys before and which made me a big fan of your would be an honour for us in case you like the music that we soon send over and maybe are interested in remix swap or something in the future...1love,
from: Tom
john - peel - rip - obituary - from - up - bustle - and - out - influence - inspiration - fan - airplay - missed - 8: 27 October 2004 DJ John Peel
We all were sad to hear that John had passed away yesterday . I think I can definitely say this one man had more influence on the UK music scene than any other person in history , being the first to air Hip-Hop , House , Techno and Dub on BBC national radio .I remember listening to his show back in '81 and thinking the tunes he was spinning were way ahead of anything else ,and I think he decisively influenced my taste in music . These influences are still with us all at UB&O , so I can say there is still a little bit of John Peel present in our sound. What a great dude , and man , what a fantastic musical legacy he has left behind !-
from: Ein.
city - breakers - album - cover - small - by - up - bustle - and - out - download - bonus - tracks - at - 7: 20 October 2004 City Breakers LP-More feedback.
From Beatfanatic: "A solid album filled with loads of heavy dubs.
Influences combining Two-Tone, 70´s dub,The Clash and hip hop. Excellent percussion on every track.
Production are very good and the album is filled with classic and wonderful basslines.To me Tabla Talkin Dub is the main track."

From Nutropic: "we love, 500cc revolutionary, bob your head,rainbow town, dance your troubles away,and song for you, soldier boy it's very good album with influences of reggae,ragga, and jamaican's good release."

From Alan Brown (Soul Seduction, Vienna): Another tale, another story. Up Bustle and Out continue their everlasting and mystical journey into the cosmos of blunted beats and beyond. City breakers also continues a consistency of enthusiasm and love for their work, while still exploring and searching with much keenness and forcefulness for the ultimate Dub star.
Good music is not music that is perfect! There is no such thing anyway! Good music alone is the seeking and strive to be more then what you were before! Something UBO are very good at.
romantic - tower - with - ancient - roof - tiles - in - spanish - village - zahara - de - la - sierra - 6: 11 September 2004 Vinyl
I really hope you guys have your sh*t on vinyl you music is brilliant, my children and i dance to it every day thank you
i am meeting a special person in about three weeks you adore music actually he makes beats wonderfully he has over three thousand vinyl and i am going to introduce your amazing skills to him
i think he will really appreciate it so please if someone could get back to me as soon as possible and let me know how i can get a copy on vinyl
i live in the united states in indiana where it is rather hard to find good music so please help me out thank you onelove

from: Miranda
Hola Miranda,
in the USA we have a vinyl record label called ROUTES, they are working very hard for us and releasing 12" collectors series & a new gatefold album called CITY BREAKERS...
Brian is the MD of ROUTES & will advise you, i expect, on how you can get all this vinyl, also our web site has a contacts-info page with a direct link to ROUTES.
Our NINJA TUNE backlog is also still available in the USA....
Loved your message without any punctuation, really fun and good to receive...i would love to be there with you & your children dancing...keep grooving and our message is indeed 1 LOVE...
I am in the arabic mountains of andalucia, spain, at peace and forgetting my worries...up here in the mountains i still keep my dreams of a people's bandit alive...amor para ti y sigamos luchando hasta la victoria...from Ruperto del monte arabe..
light - em - up - blow - em - out - album - cover - small - by - up - bustle - and - out - mailorder - vinyl - at - 5: 4 September 2004 Listner from Poland.
I'm writing from Poland. This summer i was hiking round Norway and Sweden and above the arctic circle I was traveling with guy who was listening to yours cd's. I said 'wow its great music' and he gave me "ligtem 'em up...". My question is how can I get more your records, especially vinyls?
Best wishes

from: Kuba
Well KUBA, from the Artic Circle to the heat of the Andalucian mountains where i am now writing to you...
VINYL we have plenty of, NINJA TUNE will point you to their web link shop, and ROUTES in California will inform you of their web link to purchase a new album about to be released in 3 weeks, it is called CITY'll love amigo...
following this there will also be a 12" remix single in OCTOBER from KING BRITT & LIGHTENING HEAD... a wicked Jamaican SKA masterpiece with Colombian trumpets...
enjoy those days up north - have you seen "lovers of the artic circle"? - a good spanish film...
thanks Peter and Brian for helping this chap out ...from Ruperto del monte azul...
p.s. I love this fan mail, my favourite yet...
4: 31 August 2004 7th & 8th albums.
So, are they out yet? Can I get 'em through Ninja Tune, ? Can't wait to get my hands/ears) on those two albums. Now playing, "An Unmarked Grave"... a small masterpiece, imho..
Oh, forgot to say; AWESOME music! Truly great.. very inspiring! Neat engineering too ;-) (I'm a recording engineer)
I'm engineering and composing a electronic/acoustic album that takes root in Danish traditional music and life. Lotsa noises, speak & history.
Yes, it does have similarities to UB&O. Not sonically, but it shares some ideas. I'm far from done though, I got shitloads of fieldrecordings and archived material to sort through... I'm also building my own recording gear..Thank you for asking. I'll send a copy when I'm done :-)
Keep up the cool work. I luv you guys'n'girls ;-)
Have a nice day & all the best to you and the UB&O crew. Later -

from: Ole
Hi Ole,
Ok,ok, that's enough of the superlatives , glad you're enjoying the sounds. Do send us some of your stuff through when it's done.
I think Routes Music have a release lined up soon ,that's all I know at the moment.
Ninja Tune have almost everything up to 'Master Sessions' ,ie before 2001.
All the best - Ein.
Brian at Routes Music adds:
Hi all--- City Breakers is due for release September 22 2004, vinyl-only. Groove Distribution is handling the release worldwide (i.e. it will be in cool record shops all over the world). Their site: .The CD/DVD release is due for October.Check my site for all new release info (I update it regularly): (sound clips will be up this week). The 12" remixes are due for release by the end of October. They will feature: King Britt, Lightning Head, and GB .Hope this helps---
3: 27 July 2004 Up Bustle and Out fan from Hungary
Im Peter from Hungary, 18 years old.
Im big music fan, like: jazz,abstract,hiphop,reggae,electronic,ambient.
I listened your music by my friend, and it was amazing.
But i cant buy any stuff from u in my country, because i live in a small city.v If you can, please send me something( Cd, Poster, Autograph). I will be very happy.
Thanks so much.

from: Peter (Szombathely,Hungary)
elm - wood - table - top - with - blue - revolutionary - star - pattern - and - glass - bead - inlay - 2: 27 July 2004 Wood work
Hello, I just thought I would drop you a line to say I was quite impressed with the 'Working in Wood website'
As well as being a fan of UB&O and a music maker myself I also happen to restore/repair stained glass windows, strange that.
If you are ever in town do pop in our pub for a pint.
Be seeing you ,Danny .

from: Danny.
urban - evacuation - album - cover - small - by - up - bustle - and - out - get - rare - mp3s - at - 1: 14 July 2004 Burning Questions
I live in the US and bought everything I could by you guys not long after I discovered you via P2P about 3 years ago. I finally found a way to order a copy of Urban Evacuation and am interested in the status of City Breakers. The last info on your site says you're negotiating a release. If its out - where can I buy it from the US?
I'm also really interested in the "breaze was mellow" cd and have been unable to find that for sale anywhere.
If you're still reading this email... you guys are the shiznit - really love everything you've put out. Any extra info about availability of CDs or any US tour info would be great.
Thanks and Good luck!

from: Tim , Boulder, CO, USA
Hola Tim,
Routes music in California are releasing this album, details and links will be on our web site over the next few weeks, won't be difficult to get in the USA once the album is released...thanks for supporting us, wait till ya hear THE MEXICAN SESSIONS...WICKED AND WILD...PEACE MI PANA...DEL BARRIO BRISTOL, INGLATERRA