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Up, Bustle and Out Light 'em Up

Light em Up, Blow em Out download album cover by Up, Bustle and Out

Light 'em Up, Blow 'em Out

  1. Silks, Perfumes & Gold
  2. The Beautiful Lure
  3. Clandestine Operation
  4. Emerald Alley
  5. Rain In Tibet
  6. Apple Strudle
  7. Compared To What
  8. Y Ahora Tu
  1. Radio Madrid
  2. The Dance Of Caravan Summer
  3. Lazy Daze
  4. Hearty Do-Lallies
  5. Coca Conga
  6. Coffee At Senor Rudi's
  7. Ilusion (Bristol Sound System)
  8. Party With The Raj
Time: 75 minutes
Size: 173 MB, 320 kbps
Item code: Rev-010
Price: € 9.99 Euros
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Up, Bustle and Out Soliloquy

Soliloquy download album cover by Up, Bustle and Out


our 11th album, captures voices that express journeys, nature, humanity, dreams, echoes, ghosts and the creative fun of studio sessions.
Featuring: Sevval Sam (Turkey), Benjamin Escoriza (Radio Tarifa) & Amal Murkus (Palestine).   
  1. Theme - part 1
  2. Absent Crowds
  3. Littered Dreams
  4. Silver Fish - An Ocean's Dub Tale
  5. Waterfalls of Gold feat. Benjamin Escoriza
  6. Sho Beto'l Alreh feat. Amal Murkus
  7. Popcorn Delights
  8. Beach Combing
  9. Theme - part 2
  10. Luminous Fragments feat. Bronagh Slevin (Ireland)
  11. Scratchy Aperture - Dub
  12. Sokak Cats feat. Sally's City Cats (Bristol, England)
  1. Satie's Atelier
  2. Silver Fish - An Ocean's Full Tale
  3. Waterfalls of Gold - Dub
  4. Satie's Atelier - Dub
  5. Golondrinas Volando feat. Benjamin Escoriza
  6. Bonus tracks:
  7. Sho Beto'l Alreh - Instrumental Air Mix
  8. Littered Dreams - Instrumental Air Mix
  9. Beach Combing - Instrumental Mix
  10. Y Ahora Tu - Air Mix
Time: 83 minutes
Size: 193 MB, 320 kbps
Item code: Rev-009
Price: € 9.99 Euros
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Up, Bustle and Out One Colour Just Reflects Another

One Colour Just Reflects Another download album cover by Up, Bustle and Out

One Colour

. Welcome to the second Long Player from the much rated Up, Bustle and Out, a soup of many funky tongues lovingly stirred by the quill of Senor Roody. Here is a band that is intelligent enough to dig deep into the ground and find common root all over the world....
Music - to move ya. From the raw, dirty sound of previous singles "The Revolutionary Woman of the Windmill" and "Hand of Contraband", to homages to lands different from our own...check "Three Drunk Musicians" for the groove laid down Peruvian stylee.
  1. Aqui No Ma!
  2. The Revolutionary Woman Of The Windmill, Part 1 (La Bandolera Del Molino)
  3. Running Rude
  4. Bicycles, Flutes & You
  5. 1, 2, 3 Alto y Fuera
  6. An African Friendship
  7. 12 Penny Apples
  8. 3 Drunk Musicians
  9. At Poncho Cafe
  10. Masked By The Hand Of Contraband
  11. Mr. Pavement Man
  12. Ninja's Principality
  1. An Unmarked Grave (In Memory Of Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, 1908)
  2. Discoursing Drums
  3. The Revolutionary Woman Of The Windmill, Parte Segunda
  4. Streets Of Huancayo, Peru
  5. Bonus tracks:
  6. Thoughs of Harmony
  7. Aqui No Ma 'Air' Mix
  8. Bicycles, Flutes & You 'Air' Mix
  9. Hand of Contraband 'Red Diesel' mix
  10. Percussion maestro Snowboy mixes 'Ron y Menta'
Time: 104 minutes
Size: 219 MB, 320 kbps
Item code: Rev-008
Price: € 9.99 Euros
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Up, Bustle and Out Istanbul's Secrets

Istanbul's Secrets download album cover by Up, Bustle and Out

Istanbul's Secrets

our 10th album featuring: Rob Garza (Thievery Corporation, USA), Benjamin Escoriza (Radio Tarifa, Spain), Kalaf (Buraka Som Sistema, Portugal), Jim Barr (Portishead Band, UK), Blanquito Man & DJ Napoles (USA), MC Sultana (Turkey), Marina Celeste (France)...Contains music recorded in Bristol - England, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, France, USA & Jamaica. Dub version also available here  
  1. River Song with Rob Garza
  2. Ben Seni Sevdugumi with Benjamin Escoriza
  3. Breaking Codes with Kalaf
  4. Giden Gitti
  5. Anda Luz with Benjamin Escoriza
  6. Yol Turkusu
  7. Hidjaz Ask... intro
  8. Hidja Ask with Engin Arslan (Turkey)
  9. Orthodox Gold with MC Sultana (Turkey) & Mark Underhill (Bristol, England)
  10. Blue Night with Blanquito Man (USA)
  11. Bosporus Moon
  1. Remote Corners
  2. Istanbul's Secrets with DJ Napoles (USA)
  3. Waterfalls of Gold - Dub
  4. Silence's Brink
  5. Steppe Ouverte with Marina Celeste (France)
  6. Bonus tracks:
  7. Aguas Van
  8. Studio Sessions part 1
  9. Studio Sessions part 2
Time: 76 minutes
Size: 165 MB, 320 kbps
Item code: Rev-006
Price: € 9.99 Euros
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Up, Bustle and Out Blue Road

Blue Road download album cover by Up, Bustle and Out

Blue Road

our 9th Album , featuring an exciting & fun international crew, a whole host of re-mixers and artists from across Europe, USA, Turkey and Mexico. "Blue Road offers a collection of songs that have only been available, mostly, on CD, as well as some unreleased grooves that have proven popular in clubs and dancehalls the world-over. These songs have been chosen by our fans, record store owners & media. There is also a selection of tracks from the "Mexican Sessions CD album, released in February 2007 and from the 2006 release "City Breakers". Both albums topped World Music Charts & USA. Radio stations like, DMX, CMJ, KCRW, KEXP, MTM, WHRC, Woman's Radio etc...   (All tracks taken from vinyl)
  1. Breaking Codes (Dub) feat. Kalaf
  2. Orthodox Gold (Dub) feat. MC Sultana & Mark Underhill
  3. Blue Night / Mavi Gece (Dub) feat. Blanquito Man & Candice Cannabis
  4. Ben Seni Sevdugumi feat. Benjamin Escoriza
  5. Dance Your Troubles Away feat. DJ Mexican
  6. Bob Your Head feat. MC Blaze
  7. Grass Skirts feat. Andy Hague (Trumpet)
  8. City Breakers feat. Ras Jabulani & MC Blaze
  1. Day At The Bookies feat. Salima (Bristol, England)
  2. Mundo Insolito - Toy Selectah & Control Machete Remix
  3. Corazon De Leon - Kabanjak Remix feat. Blanquito Man
  4. Bristol Brooklyn Bridge feat. Blanquito Man & Fragment Crew
  5. Nina feat. Alexis 'El Toca'
  6. Cumbion Mountain - Chico Sonido & Toy Selectah & Sistema Local Remix
  7. Mariel Port, Spanish Harlem - Type Remix (Portugal)
Time: 72 minutes
Size: 164 MB, 320 kbps
Item code: Rev-005
Price: € 9.99 Euros
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Up, Bustle and Out Mexican Sessions

Mexican Sessions download album cover by Up, Bustle and Out

Mexican Sessions

our 8th Album Taking the Soundsystem further, working with some of the greatest Hip Hop and Cumbia producers on the planet. If you have seen the films 'Amores Perros', 'Volveras' or 'Raising Victor Vargas' & heard 'Control Machete' or 'Cypress Hill' - then this is a Latin Street Production ahead of its time that will reach you. Feat. Blanquito Man & Fragment Crew (NYC), Control Machete & Sistema Local (Mexico), Romanowski, Switchstance Records (Germany). Loved by KCRW DJs. This is our simple, sensational sound...  
  1. Day at the Bookies - UB&O version
  2. All Out King - feat.Romanowski
  3. Mi Chat Latin - feat.DJ Mexican
  4. Genio del Dub - feat.Control Machete
  5. Corazon de Leon - Subrok Mission remix
  6. Chicharras Night - Chico Sonido remix
  7. Bristol Brooklyn Bridge - feat.Blanquito Man & Fragment Crew
  8. Mundo Insolito - Toy Selectah & Control Machete remix
  9. Cumbion Mountain - Chico Sonido & Toy Selectah remix
  10. Lyrica Volcanica - dub mix
  11. Tinto Tintero
  12. Mi Altar Voy a Armar
  13. Nina
  1. Corazon de Leon - Kabanjak remix
  2. Day at the Bookies - Romanowski remix
  3. Guitar Ahoy - feat.Cuffy on Flamenco Guitar
  4. Bonus tracks:
  5. Radio Botana Soundsystem
  6. Chicharras Night - UB&O original mix
  7. Bristol Brooklyn Bridge - UB&O Accordian mix
  8. Zuzukus People
  9. Mundo Insolito - UB&O original mix
  10. Rio de Almeria - Dub Club Vienna remix
  11. Lyrica Volcanica - UB&O original mix
  12. Barrio Living - UB&O original mix
  13. Barrio Living - Romanowski remix
Time: 110 minutes
Size: 154 MB
Item code: Rev-002
Price: € 9.99 Euros
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Up, Bustle and Out The Pre-Ninja Series

Pre-Ninja Series download album cover by Up, Bustle and Out

Pre-Ninja Series

. For the first time ever, we are compiling our earliest vinyl recordings and it's time to offer them to the digital market. Some of UB&O were just 18 years old at the time of recording and the Sessions found here are rare and were never released on albums, or CDs. They were mostly 12s recorded at a time when UB&O were playing them on Pirate Radio Stations and it is evident that an ear for writing and producing quality music was the first foundation stone laid. Always sharing a global vision, UB&O's first recording was in French with Flutes, sax, keyboards, tons of experimental percussion, Spanish guitars & vocals - ALL flavour this portrait of the Pre-Ninja Tune Days... (All tracks taken from vinyl except *)
  1. Apple Strudle
  2. Aviour Le Coup
  3. Bolivian Bristol Bustle
  4. Chevrolet Verde Y Blanco
  5. Dance Of Caravan Summer - Hip Hop Interpretation
  6. Decisive Moment *
  7. Dig In At The Dig In - Breaks Mix
  8. Dig In At The Dig In - Funky Hammond Mix
  9. Hip Hop Barrio - Smith And Mighty Be For Real Remix
  10. Kickin' More Ass - Up Bustle And Out Live Jam
  11. La Morena En El Viento Andaluz
  1. Los Locos Cubanos
  2. Made In Cuba - part 3
  3. Mariel Port - Type Remix *
  4. Out Of Control *
  5. Precious Little Going On
  6. Revolutionary Woman - Low Profile Mix
  7. Revolutionary Woman - Oestrogwen Mix
  8. Revolutionary Woman - Subterfuge Mix
  9. Revolutionary Woman - Yam Yam Mix
  10. Runaway Hague Air Mix *
  11. The Educators - Phd in Crime Remix
Time: 114 minutes
Size: 152 MB
Item code: Rev-004
Price: € 9.99 Euros
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Up, Bustle and Out Urban Evacuation

Urban Evacuation download album cover by Up, Bustle and Out

Urban Evacuation

our 6th album, focusing on the movement from Jamaican Dub producers like King Tubby to modern, cool UK urban grooves. Studio sessions were originally pressed in Kingston, Jamaica as limited 7" singles (copies available on our Mailorder page). Sessions involved Latin percussionists, Double Bass by Jim Barr (Portishead Band, UK), Jamaican DJ Mexican, Premier Jazz blowers like Andy Sheppard & Andy Hague, Portuguese & Angolan Soul Singers, Dubby Indian beats by Nitin Sawhney, & Dub Poets:
"To wake up on a glorious morning, Stretch and see the sun, Put water to I lips, Breath air to I mind... The simple soul that I am "  
  1. Dig It, Don't Mess With It
  2. Little Soldier Boy
  3. Wild Majesty
  4. Trago Bula
  5. Runaway Hague
  6. Guitar Soldiering
  7. Hooded Hordes - Vocal
  8. Hooded Hordes - Extended Dub
  9. Urban Evacuation
  10. Rudeboy, I Dont' Wanna Be
  1. Tabla Talkin' Dub
  2. Outro, Hasta Luego Amigos
  3. Bonus tracks:
  4. Everyday Original Studio Session
  5. Guitar Soldiering Spag. Western Guitar
  6. Jamaican DJ Mexican Anti-War Studio Session
  7. Old Man Smokes Mountain Weed
  8. Stepping Stone, Rebel Hop
  9. Urban Evacuation Guitar Jam Session
Time: 74 minutes
Size: 103 MB
Item code: Rev-003
Price: € 9.99 Euros
Digital Download

Up, Bustle and Out "City Breakers

City Breakers download album cover by Up, Bustle and Out

City Breakers

our 7th Album by UB&O, experimenting further with Hip Hop Reggae & Dub. Feat. Jamaican DJ vocalists, Rappers, the best of Bristol's live musicians, Butch Cassidy Soundsystem & Beatfanatic. Heavily featured on KCRW Radio.  
  1. City Breakers
  2. Dance Your Troubles Away
  3. Bob Your Head
  4. Guitar Soldiering - Lightning Head Instrumental Mix
  5. Grass Skirts
  6. Tabla Talkin' Dub - Beatfanatic Remix
  7. Everyday
  8. 500cc Revolutionary
  9. Rainbow Town
  10. Ascending Sun
  11. Understand This
  1. Song For You, Soldier Boy
  2. Sheppard and His Flock
  3. Bonus tracks:
  4. Everyday - Butch Cassidy Sound System Remix
  5. Bob Your Head - GB instrumental Mix
  6. Buleria al-Andaluz - Air Mix
  7. Mariel Port - Type Remix
  8. Stepping Stone, Rebel Hop - Air Mix
  9. Rhythm Feet - Andy Sheppard Sax Mix
  10. Little Soldier Boy - Air Mix
  11. Wild Majesty - Stage Mix
Time: 93 minutes
Size: 213 MB, 320 kbps
Item code: Rev-001
Price: € 9.99 Euros
Digital Download

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Your comments
Posted on:
Saturday 4th of August 2012 08:45
I loved all of your 5 Ninja Tunes albums. Unfortunately i didn`t like a single song from outside Ninja Tunes records. Have you ever thought about getting back to the roots ? I`d love to hear those sounds once again.
Posted on:
Friday 2nd of March 2012 06:09
Lenny Lapidge
Incredible music. I`ve downloaded all albums over the past 6 months & am amazed at the variety. Wouldn`t believe it is all from one single band! Get the next album out ASAP please
Posted on:
Tuesday 26th of April 2011 11:23
One of my new favorite groups. I`m listening to you so much that I`m worried I`ll get sick of it, but that hasn`t happened yet. I`m going to buy an MP3 download of the Istanbul Sessions, but I`d really prefer it if you had FLAC files available in addition to MP3, they are much higher quality.
Posted on:
Friday 28th of January 2011 15:22
You guys are my latest favs! You are easily as cool as bonobo and thievery corporation!!!
Posted on:
Tuesday 18th of January 2011 14:41
You are kool kats! Your music is like music to my ears!
El Sur
Posted on:
Monday 17th of January 2011 10:01