City Breakers: 18 frames per second

From the Reggae & Dub experiments of the Urban Evacuation album, Up, Bustle & Out have spent more smoky hours in their Bristol studio to produce their 7th album.

  1. City Breakers
  2. Dance Your Troubles Away
  3. Bob Your Head
  4. Guitar Soldiering - Lightning Head Instrumental Mix
  5. Grass Skirts
  6. Tabla Talkin' Dub - Beatfanatic Remix
  1. Everyday
  2. 500cc Revolutionary
  3. Rainbow Town
  4. Ascending Sun
  5. Understand This
  6. Song For You, Soldier Boy
  7. Sheppard and His Flock
bonus tracks for download version
  1. Everyday - Butch Cassidy Sound System Remix
  2. Bob Your Head - GB instrumental Mix
  3. Buleria al-Andaluz - Air Mix
  4. Mariel Port - Type Remix
  1. Stepping Stone, Rebel Hop - Air Mix
  2. Rhythm Feet - Andy Sheppard Sax Mix
  3. Little Soldier Boy - Air Mix
  4. Wild Majesty - Stage Mix

The 500cc Revolutionary Production Crew have gone full throttle to produce this album in a few months, greatly encouraged by press and radio features / reviews. Who wouldn’t be pleased with a comment by Time Out Mag, NYC that states ‘If King Tubby was alive today rather than twisting knobs in ethereal space then this is the sort of contemporary cultural fusion that he would be producing’?

City Breakers album front cover by Up, Bustle and Out The musical progression this time takes the album into a Hip Hop – Reggae crossover & features the vocal and rap talents of MC Blaze – a Jamaican sister - who also has recorded on Roni Size’s new album. GQ Magazine in Europe put her on the front cover of Feb’ 2003 stating that her ‘Afro deserved an interview of its own’! Her stage presence & delivery has been top notch fun & mic skills and has projected UB&O’s Sound System into bigger performance halls. Spiritual Rasta Ras Jabulani from Black Roots again adds his mystique and deep, earthy tones as does Rudeboy DJ ‘Mexican’ with his frank, witty and hard-hitting toasting. All guitar work is played by our Spanish Guitar Maestro Cuffy ‘El Guapo’.

City Breakers original LP album cover by Up, Bustle and Out Songs like ‘Bob Your Head’, ‘Everyday’, ‘Dance Your Troubles Away’, ‘500cc Revolutionary’, ‘Song For You, Soldier Boy’ are all experimentally funky productions - high quality, accessible music. The mix between vocal and instrumentals is equally thought-out including an edited DUB mix of one of the stronger tracks.

Up, Bustle & Out – Dance Your Troubles Away,
                No matter what the critics will have you say -
                We have to make it in our lives…

Reviews for Wild Majesty and Runaway Hague 7 inch single releases by Up, Bustle and Out:
  • Yeah – like both the 7"s – prefer the 1st one but like the Air mix on this one… (Andrew Weatherall ‘Two Lone Swordsmen’ – Haywire Sessions/Various – Worldwide)
  • Yeah – like it… like what they do. (Charlie Dark ‘Attica Blues’ – Various – Worldwide)
  • A nice trip down memory lane… (LTJ Bukem – Cookin’ @ The End/Good Lookin’/Various – Worldwide)
  • Lee Perry will be proud – tasty dub action – a nice return… (Chickenlips – Various – Worldwide)
  • Great record – vocal is wicked and the production is quality – respect. (Aim, Friends & Family, Worldwide)
DJ and press summary for Urban Evacuation CD and vinyl LP release by Up, Bustle and Out
(information from Zzonked):
  • Very good reactions, lots of plays in bars, warm-up sets, backrooms and at home. Support came from the likes of Andrew Weatherall, Paul Murphy, Chickenlips, Faze Action, The Funky Lowlives, Pressure Drop, Charlie Dark (Attica Blues), LTJ Bukem, Mixmaster Morris, Jon Kennedy, Dynamo Productions, Stuart Patterson, Leo Elstob, Jacknife Lee, Ewan Pearson, Bushy and Pete Herbert