Vinyl returns !!! Blue Road by Up, Bustle & Out - a double 12 inch vinyl album

Featuring: Sistema Local, Sevval Sam, Blanquito Man, Jim Barr (Portishead), Romanowski, Jabulani (Black Roots), Toy Selectah (Control Machete), Butch Cassidy Soundsystem, Fragment Crew (NYC), MC Sultana, Benjamin Escoriza (Radio Tarifa), Kalaf (Buraka Som Sistema)...and more...
"Blue Road" vinyl offers a selection of songs that have only been available, mostly on CD, as well as unreleased grooves that have proven popular in clubs and dancehalls the world-over and chosen by our fans, record store owners & media. There is also a selection of tracks from the "Mexican Sessions" CD album, released in February 2007. This album topped World Music Charts & USA Radios like, DMX, CMJ, KCRW, KEXP, MTM, WHRC, Woman's Radio, etc...
Side 1 Istanbul's Secrets with Sevval Sam
  1. Breaking Codes (Dub) feat. Kalaf
  2. Orthodox Gold (Dub) feat. MC Sultana & Mark Underhill
  3. Blue Night / Mavi Gece (Dub) feat. Blanquito Man / Candice Cannabis
  4. Ben Seni Sevdugumi feat. Benjamin Escoriza
All violin played by Neriman Gunes / Vocals by Sevval Sam
Side 2 City Breakers
  1. Dance Your Troubles Away feat. DJ Mexican
  2. Bob Your Head feat. MC Blaze
  3. Grass Skirts feat. Andy Hague, Trumpet
  4. City Breakers feat. Ras Jabulani / MC Blaze
Side 3 Mexican Sessions: our simple sensational sound
  1. Day At The Bookies feat. Salima, Chorus
  2. All Out King feat. Romanowski
  3. Mundo Insolito - Toy Selectah / Control Machete Remix
  4. Corazon De Leon - Kabanjak Remix feat. Blanquito Man
Side 4 Unreleased Grooves & Extravaganzas
  1. Bristol Brooklyn Bridge feat. Blanquito Man / Fragment Crew
  2. Nina feat. Alexis 'El Toca'
  3. Cumbion Mountain - Chico Sonido & Toy Selectah / Sistema Local Remix
  4. Mariel Port, Spanish Harlem - Type Remix
Consider this myspace message from Jeffrey Wrye:

Release after release is filled with magical and genre-less inspiration. Blending sounds from around the world with a sense of modernism that feels as though it must have been mystically understood by the ancients.

Blue Road album front cover by Up, Bustle and Out This is the road UB&O hope that listeners will follow. It's a fun road, magical and a colourful one. 'Blue' offers strong imagery, foremost is the feeling of positivism; seeing a clear sky by day or night, Midnight Blue being the perfect background to a starlit sky (I think of great Indian miniaturists). Then, the water's eye at the springs, the world's oceans, the sparkling blue in the ice flowers and glaciers, the silver-blue back of the king of the ocean, the swordfish. Yet, there is also the more undefined moment when feeling blue (many will think of Miles Davis) - we all pass through this blue door from time to time, finding abstract loneliness, uncertainty and melancholy. This moment is said to stir the artist we all have in us. The 'blue note' is the odd addition, nearly an accident, awakener, a something special that changes the feel. It takes the composition further, stretches the canvas beyond its physical boundaries and becomes infinite in the listener's mind.

There is no question that UB&O engage the listener; there is an openness and room for everyone. You are never taken down a one-way road with a conclusion. So, for people who prefer clarity and classification, this sound will be confusing as it also rejects the de-mystification of our modern time. However, if you cook your meals with an eye for taste and colour, with a little haphazardness, add a few spices and a love for life - then you are getting closer.
It is a 12" vinyl album that should be considered a real gem that crosses many borders, speaks many languages and is, thus, reflective of the modern world we live in.
Written by Rupert Mould, writer, arranger, producer, musician from UB&O